Environment Protection

The land resources operated by AgroGeneration constitute part of Ukraine’s natural wealth and should be treated with respect and care. Environmental sustainability is a part of the company’s overall management. Provisions of Ukrainian environmental legislation and other regulations form the basis of the company’s environmental management policy. AgroGeneration strictly follows Ukraine’s government regulations and legislation pertaining to environmental protection.

AgroGeneration protects the environment through the use of cutting-edge equipment, innovative technology, and advanced farming methods as part of its philosophy of promoting innovations and technology. The company invests in modern agricultural machinery and uses minimum tillage methods to minimize erosion and preserve soil moisture and nutrients. All machines are equipped with fuel flow sensors and GPS navigation systems, which enable the company not only to reduce fuel consumption, keep track of the vehicles’ movements, and achieve high-precision planting, but also to control hazardous gas emissions.


Social Programs / Sponsorship

With due regard to its social responsibility, AgroGeneration supports underprivileged members of society such as orphanages, hospitals, schools, and retired communities. Through its activities, the company makes a difference in improving the social situation of villages in many regions where it is present. First and foremost, the company does that by creating jobs for local residents. This is all the more important as these jobs are created in rural areas, where unemployment is a particularly painful issue.

A special emphasis is placed on Ukraine’s future – its children. The company has assumed tutelage of several schools in the localities in which the group members operate. AgroGeneration invests in infrastructure such as schools, sponsors children’s soccer teams, finances purchases of new gear, and provides other kinds of assistance as needed. The company has adopted a good tradition of sponsors summer camps, sending gifts and holiday greetings to the children it supports.