What we do

AgroGeneration is an agricultural company, created in March 2007, which currently operates c.a. 30,000 hectares of arable land in eastern part of Ukraine.

The company’s core business is grains and oil commodity crop farming. Operations are fully provided with modern agricultural machinery and infrastructure. The company is run by a strong management team with a proven track record consisting of seasoned agricultural professionals and experienced professionals from the agricultural sector.

AgroGeneration follows a traditional crop rotation and puts money into first-class fertilizers, seeds, and agricultural chemicals for the purpose of achieving profitability per crop. Operated farmlands of AgroGeneration are located in the Kharkiv region of Ukraine, representing good soil quality and a propitious climate for achieving high yields.

AgroGeneration’s long-term strategy is to create value and generate attractive returns by consolidating land into efficient management structures, integrating storage, supply chain assets, and commercial activities for the purpose of further expansion. Operational focus is centered on implementing state-of-the-art agricultural technology and reducing costs, choosing profitable grains and oilseeds adapted to the specific regions of operation and improving yields to achieve sustainably high results. The Company establishes itself as a good base for further development and growth, with its large size, application of unique Western-management practices and skills, and good experience on the Ukrainian agricultural market.