AgroGeneration is an international company with a resolute team working hard to provide Ukraine and the world with high quality agricultural commodities, thus  helping to solve the issues and challenges relating to global food security.  We invest in modern technologies and in human capital, treating our land and people who live and work on it, with the respect and well-being they deserve.



AgroGeneration is among large Ukrainian producers of high-quality agricultural commodities that are exported throughout the world. Being run by a well-trained, accomplished team and adopting state-of-the-art technologies, we demonstrate advanced managing standards. We are creating additional value through optimization of production process, supply, storage and sales; and we lead the development, doing our best to restore fertility of the land and to improve the well-being in the regions in which we are operating.



Efficiency and Professionalism. We act responsibly to constantly improve our results, reduce expenses and reach the highest efficiency. The company is run by a strong and professional management team with a solid track record in the agricultural sector, and, with the support of a highly qualified technical and production staff, is able to reach high production efficiency.

Honesty and Transparency. We run a transparent business, complying with legislation of countries where the Company operates. We are always open to cooperation with our clients and partners, as well as with stakeholders. We timely inform our shareholders, investors and counterparts about all essential events, changes and plans of the Company and we value the trust given to us.

Caring Attitude to Land and People. We take care of the land we are cultivating, the main natural endowment of Ukraine, and of the people who live and work on it. The company’s activities contribute to the improvement of society in the regions where we operate, primarily through creating employment opportunities with fair wages, and also through support of the less privileged members of society.

Devotion and Loyalism to a Common Goal. We love our land, our company, and our work. Each of the employees does his best to attain their set targets. AgroGeneration takes care of its personnel, giving them opportunities for personal growth, inspiring with goals and common ideas.  Developing our business, we give confidence to our employees and contribute to the prosperous growth of our country.

Focus on Innovation and Production Effectiveness. We use modern business approaches and comprehensive up-to-date agricultural production technologies, constantly improving each step of the operational process to reach superior results.