Selyanska Gazeta - 27/03/2015 "TEAM UP WITH LEADERS!"

March 27, 2015

When asked which business partner to choose - either the weak and insecure or the strong and effective, then you will no doubt choose a strong partner – someone to rely on in good times or bad, someone who can give advice or assistance. AgroGeneration is the right partner for fruitful cooperation and a reliable partner.

The infographics highlights the key priorities in the work of the company.

Why did 25 thousand parcel-owners trust their land to this company?

In the epoch of agrarian opportunities, Ukraine one of the most attractive markets in the world since it is Ukraine that owns the most fertile soils in the world. Apart from this, Ukraine has all the resources to become the leading grain exporter in the world.

AgroGeneration operates in the most fertile lands of Ukraine and bears social and economic responsibility for the villages and its surrounding farmlands. The company will maintain those lands properly not only to increase the level of profitability through actionable plans. They do this by combining state-of-the-art agrotechnologies of the company with a comprehensive approach to work where the company takes care of the land and the people working it.

Yet back in March 2007 AgroGeneration started its business activities. Ever since, the company managed to grow its landbank to approximately 120 thousand ha of arable land across Ukraine. Today the company is one of the leading agricultural producers of Ukraine by total area of arable lands and effectiveness of their use. The main area of activities is farming of grains and oilseeds. The company operates based on modern equipment and thanks to the efforts of a highly-qualified team. Therefore, the operating results of the company are rather high.

Public benefit produced by the company in figures.

AgroGeneration takes care of the land tilled and improves the land quality. By doing this, the company has high current crop yields. The company leases the land in many regions across Ukraine: the belt of lands running west-east across Ukraine. The company receives high yields of all the crops that the company farms today thanks to the highly fertile soils and rather favorable climate conditions.

The company also takes care of its environmental footprint. The management of the company will maintain that the land is the natural wealth of the country that requires a careful attitude and good care. Traditionally the parcel owners are interested in the way the leased land will be used: they expect a careful attitude to the land and no show of soil exhaustion. AgroGeneration managed to meet their expectations -   there are no records of soil exhaustion. Instead the company operates based on the innovative technologies and modern equipment and shows its care for the land. Today the directorship of one of the agrocompany that is part of the AgroGeneration Group says: ‘Before tillage, the soil is tested in the best laboratories’. The laboratory conclusions provided the basis for the land use, specifically, regarding the types of crops for farming, crop rotation, fertilizers, their quality and the use period. In fact, the company labels all the processes that are covered by soil tests as ‘ecological marketing’.

AgroGeneration is aware of its responsibility before the general public and supports the most sensitive groups who need us most. The company addresses boarding schools, hospitals and schools as well as the veteran guest houses and military rest stations. Yet last year the company responded to more than 400 requests that prove our awareness of the public needs and our responsibility for the general public that works in these fields.

Each company of AgroGeneration provides a continuous support to the general public and is a fully-fledged member of the modern society. The general public will address the agrocompanies any time since the people are strongly convinced that they will not be left unattended at these institutions. They do believe that they will never hear them say ‘another time’. The citizenship of the local districts where AgroGeneration works will support the saying that ‘the AgroGeneration will never leave those in need’.

Source: “Selyanska Gazeta” #13 (March 27, 2015)