AgroGeneration - "Exchange of experience on the implementation of new technologies between France and Ukraine"

June 01, 2018

AgroGeneration introduces an Agronomist-Researcher into its team – this was stated by the company management at a meeting with agricultural startups from France.

At the meeting, organized by the French embassy, the agricultural company AgroGeneration shared its experience on implementing innovations, use of an integrated information system, introduced by the company. Besides, AgroGeneration representatives talked about new possibilities, which had been discovered due to the Lean Six Sigma introduction, as well as about search and testing new agricultural technologies to increase economic efficiency of crop farming.

And French start-uppers made presentations of innovation systems and programs that could be interesting and useful for Ukrainian companies.

Whether startups from France will be able to find customers and partners in Ukraine – we’ll see… However, one thing is clear- any technological decision should be adjusted to Ukrainian needs, taking into account that as a rule, companies, ready to implement new technologies, have large cultivated areas.