- " John Shmorhun, directeur général d’AgroGeneration, entre dans le top 5 des meilleurs managers du secteur agricole du magazine Landlord "

10 juin 2018

They are not afraid to make decisions, they influence processes in the company, and sometimes argue with the owner. Such managers contribute not only to the development of companies they work for, but to the Ukrainian agricultural sector in whole.

For the second time, Landlord has decided to make a ranking of the best top managers in the Ukrainian agriculture. Everyday these people take on a challenge, prove their efficiency. Under their management many companies overcame crisis, improved their financial performance, entered new markets and implemented innovations.

More than half a hundred agricultural holdings’ managers, food industry companies, traders, seed and plant protection agents’ producers, as well as agricultural machinery producers were long-listed. The aim was to take into account everyone directly engaged in agriculture.

The СЕО who are majority shareholders, as well as recently appointed top-managers were excluded from the ranking.

The top-list was formed on the basis of experts’ assessment. The jury included companies  specializing on the search and assessment of top managers: Pedersen & Partners, WE Partners, Boyden Global Executive Search, Ward Howell, Dragon Capital, banks Crédit Agricole, ОТР, Raiffeisen Bank Aval, PUMB, audit company Kreston GCG, PR Service agency, law firm Alexandrov & Partners, consulting agencies ААА та UkrAgroConsult.

The experts assessed top managers on a scale from 0 to 10 against three criteria:

reputation (significance, being in demand on the market, trust of partners);

transparency (readiness to communicate with mass media, quality of information provided);

business efficiency (assessment of the company performance, efficiency of innovations, etc.).

Following the analysis of information received from experts and calculation of points, the editorial body has short-listed 25 most efficient top-managers according to the market.


John Shmorhun, AgroGeneration CEO ranked 4th




NUMBER OF EMPLOYEES: more than 1500


Mr. Shmorhun has been working in agricultural business since childhood. His parents owned a farm in the USA. After graduation from the U.S. Naval Academy, service in the U.S. Navy and getting an MBA at the International Management Institute in Geneva, Mr. Shmorhun has managed DuPont’s agricultural business in Ukraine and Russia for more than 18 years.  Since 2010, John Shmorhun has been employed as the President of Harmelia, a portfolio company of SigmaBleyzer. After its merger with AgroGeneration, he became the CEO of the new company.

Under his leadership AgroGeneration has implemented the Lean Six Sigma methodology aimed at detecting problems and their solving, has created an R&D center, as well as an agronomic and research department. The company focuses on a scientific approach to demonstration fields. «We pay attention to innovations with respect to cultivation while improving processes in the company. Given that salary costs and logistics costs grow, the company is trying to work with the production cost of each product: wheat and corn», — says AgroGeneration CEO.

John Shmorhun loves yachting. In his opinion, it develops managerial skills greatly. Since during a regatta, as well as in business, one needs to make decisions quickly taking into account a current, wind, competitor’s trajectory, and the result depends on the coordinated work of all team members.