About Ukraine

Ukraine is located in Central Europe

- It is bordered by Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, and Moldova on the West
- Ukraine’s northern neighbors are Belarus and Russia
- Ukraine has a sea border with Turkey in the South

Distance from West to east: 1,316 km; from north to South: 740 km

Population: 42.5 million (as of July 2016)

Area: 60.4 million ha (5.7% of Europe’s area) (149 million acres)

Area of agricultural land: 41.8 million ha (103 million acres)

Area of arable land: 32.5 million ha (54% of total area) (80.3 million acres)

Harvest of grain and legume crops in 2018: over 70 million tons (over 2,570 million bushels)

Harvest of oilseeds in 2018: 21 million tons (759 million bushels)