AgroGeneration - " La ferme Podoljevskaja agreee comme eleveur de la race bovine Aberdeen Angus "

11 juillet 2017

The Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine certified AF Podoljevskaja LLC as a pedigree breeder and placed it on the list of the country’s breeding bank. At present, the livestock bred at the agricultural firm amounts to 431 head; this figure includes 81 pedigree bulls.

“This breeding certificate from the Ministry will allow selling our Aberdeen Angus cattle at higher prices. Representatives of the cattle-breeding industry from other regions of Ukraine are already showing interest in our pedigree bulls,” commented the general director of the agricultural firm Ihor Makarevych on the company’s achievements.

Having obtained the certificate, Podoljevskaja has set targets to increase its herd. According to John Shmorhun, chief executive officer of AgroGeneration, pedigree cattle breeding for meat production is a promising business for the company.